Amos Book Co: It's All in the Family


When Margaret Lowder set out to publish a series on her family pet, Amos, she knew just who to call. “I’ve been asked from new authors how our team came together,” says Ellen, illustrator of the series. “Our story is a bit of a novelty in that my Aunt Margaret didn’t have to look very far. I’m an illustrator by training and her daughter (my cousin) Anna specializes in high-end branding and graphic design. We had all the talent we needed to publish books within the family.”

Add to that Amos himself, and the team had the inspiration they needed for a whimsical book series. “Amos brings joy, laughter, and love to all who meet him,” says Margaret. “Through his silly antics and affectionate mannerisms, I began to visualize all the fun stories I could share with young children that were uniquely Amos.” Ellen agrees that Amos is an easy character to illustrate. “He has such boundless energy and can be such a goofball! It was easy to picture him jumping on beds and hula-hooping for the books.”

For the family team, the goal of the series is simple. “I want readers young and old to remember that being you is the best way to be,” says Margaret. And if you were to walk in on one of their team meetings, you’d realize how true that is. At any given meeting, you might find shoes kicked off, coffee (and always cookies!) being consumed. They’re comfortable enough to bat around crazy ideas for the upcoming book, or laugh hysterically when someone suggests something totally off the wall. Because where can you be yourself more than with family?