About the Amos Book Co.

For as long as anyone can recall, Margaret has had a passion for two things: children and dogs. Well, maybe three if you count sweets, but that's another story. After years of dreaming Walter Mitty-style of the ideal children's book and its characters, she focused her boundless energy and witty spirit on the Amos Series.

Amos is Margaret's trusty sidekick, her pal for years and now her inspiration for children's books. She vividly describes the life of Amos in these books, from his imaginary travels to his secret super powers.

The original illustrations by Ellen Davis are vivid and full of energy, perfect for a child's development. Ellen is a science lover turned artist who found her niche as a medical illustrator. Whether painting Amos or anatomy, she brings dynamic color and energy to her work. 

Bring the fun of Amos to life for your kids as they learn the value of imagination, curiosity, and individuality!