DONATE Amos Likes to Jump to a Children's Home


DONATE Amos Likes to Jump to a Children's Home

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*Please join us this holiday season as we give back to those in need. All Amos books donated through this link will be delivered to Alabama Baptist Children's Homes. For more information, visit*

Amos Likes To Jump teaches young ones the value of individuality, and why being "you" is the best way to be. The story, created by author Margaret Lowder, is heart-warming and fun. The illustrations, by Ellen Davis, are bright and energetic - just like Amos himself! This quality board book is substantial in size, and durable enough for children of all ages. 

Winner! The Gittle List
Top 10 Indie Children's Picture Books 2015

Details: 8.5 x 9" durable board book with rounded corners 

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